Caravan Tyres in Llanelli

caravan-tyreWhy risk ruining your holiday or long weekend due to caravan tyre failure? How often have you seen a distressed owner on the hard shoulder of the motorway with a tyre problem? Regardless of use or mileage, caravan tyres have a lifespan.

When a caravan is left parked for long lengths of time without moving, not only does the outer sidewalls suffer degradation from the UV effects of the sun, leading to cracking but the constant weight of the caravan, held on one part of the tyre can lead to distortion of the inner framework, creating a ‘flat spot’.

It is widely recommended that your caravan tyres should be replaced every five years and never used when over seven year old. Not all tyres over this age fail but the likelihood of a tyre problem increases after such age. Older tyres are more prone to blowouts irrespective of the tread left on them.

Bearing in mind the disruption a tyre problem can cause when on holiday, it’s strongly recommended that if you are in doubt as to the age of your caravan tyre, don’t take the risk and have it replaced.

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