Discount Truck, Plant and Agricultural Tyres – not always what they seem!

When searching for plant, agricultural or truck tyres there’s more to consider than just the cost…

It’s no secret that, when a tyre is cheaper, it’s because the manufacturer has found the simplest way to provide it for less than what you are used to paying, either by slightly changing the structure, or by replacing a high-end material with a low-end one. One thing’s for sure – a manufacturer will never sell a product if they will not make any money from it. Some highly profitable Chinese factories shine at creating imitations of existing products that look an equivalent but are 60 to 80% of the worth of the original. Remember that their goal is to manufacture a tyre that appears good, there’s no real need for them to take high regard of its effectiveness or safety.

Low-cost or budget agricultural tyre, are often not as robust as your usual brands. The sidewalls won’t be designed to undergo excessive force. A rock, a root or a branch could go across and suddenly puncture the tyre and immobilise your vehicle, with all the associated costs that may entail.

Budget plant, agricultural or truck tyres usually have simpler designs, and to avoid wasting money on materials the casing is usually more rigid, requiring less inflation pressure to avoid damaging the sidewalls. This ends up in a build-up of mud between the lugs when it’s raining and muddy, meaning the tyre loses grip, increasing rolling resistance and slip instead.

Cheap agricultural tyres haven’t undergone studies to confirm optimal performance both in fields and on roads; the manufacturer compromises on costs, aiming for the tyre to be capable of a little bit of both. It’s therefore up to you to manage this ‘middle of the road’ approach by always ensuring the tyre’s pressure is suited to the kind of terrain it’ll be driving on, on any particular day.

With all of this in mind and the changes you need to make to working practice to accommodate the cheaper tyres, negates any cost-saving. Your usual supplier knows what you do for business and they provide you with an honest value tyre that won’t necessarily be the most affordable out there, but it is the best for your specific circumstances. Tyre suppliers also know that you won’t be shy about returning to them if you are not satisfied, so they’d rather sell you an honest tyre that costs a bit extra but does what it says on the label.

Trostre Tyres has branches based in Llanelli & Pontarddulais, providing commercial tyre fitting and mobile support service for Car, Van, LGV, HGV, Plant and Agricultural vehicles. We supply and fit, fleet car & van tyres, truck tyres, tractor tyres and earthmover tyres plus much more.
We offer a wide range of new tyres from all leading brands. Our specialist tyre fitting services include on-site tyre fitting for both agricultural, industrial and commercial vehicles. We offer fully managed tyre maintenance packages for single vehicles and entire fleets.

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