Don’t be left flat, with our tyre repair solutions…

If you’ve recently bought a new car then you may be aware that a spare wheel is no longer standard issue. Since 2012 regulation changes mean a spare wheel is not required and many vehicles are now equipped only with a roadside repair kit that’s designed to get you back on the road just long enough to get you to somewhere that you can buy a replacement tyre.

These kits include a can of latex sealant that is forced into the tyre through the valve and a compressor, that when attached to your car’s 12-volt power outlet, inflates the tyre. The theory is that the sealant will plug the hole when it’s put under pressure, enabling you to get home. The problem is that for 20% of flat tyres they just don’t work! If you have hit a kerb, causing significant damage to the sidewall, the tyre repair kit won’t do the job. If your tyre has suffered a blowout, the repair kit will be no good either. In. 2016, the AA & RAC attended almost 180,000 breakdowns, due to a flat tyre and a lack of spare wheel.

In addition, after the latex sealant has been used, both the tyre and wheel will be covered in a mousse-like substance, and although they might be able to be cleaned and repaired, many fitters will refuse because it’s such an unpleasant job, so you end up buying a brand-new tyre when a simple repair would have done the job if not for the ‘repair kit’.

So what has happened to the good old-fashioned spare wheel?

With drivers expecting electric this, power-assisted that, air-conditioning and entertainment systems, which all take up valuable space, carmakers are under increasing pressure to drop non-essential equipment from their cars, either to help with fuel efficiency, make the car storage area more spacious, or in some cases there’s simply no room for a spare! There are many drivers, however, who prefer the security of knowing there is a spare wheel and tyre in their boot ready for use if ever required. With this in mind, we have partnered with our friends at WheelWright and RoadHero to provide Space Saver Wheel Kits, that contain everything you need to get home safely in the event of a flat tyre, puncture or blowout.

The RoadHero Kit comes with…

  • A dedicated space saver alloy wheel option, pre-fitted with a suitable spare tyre
  • Everything you need in the event of a serious puncture or blowout – including a jack, wheel brace, warning triangle, hi-vis, gloves, head torch, kneeling matt & rain poncho. Original fixings can be used unless otherwise supplied.
  • A convenient carry bag: The complete RoadHero kit is conveniently packed into boot carry bags, meaning everything stays together, even if you can’t fit it in the wheel well in your boot.

If you are unsure on whether or not you have a spare wheel, space saver wheel or tyre repair kit in your vehicle, or you’re not even sure where to look, then please drop into one of our tyre centres in Llanelli or Pontarddulais. We will happily take a look and advise you on options. If you don’t have a spare tyre, but also do not have space within your vehicle for a RoadHero Kit, then we have an excellent alternative solution, if you buy a Vitora brand tyre for your vehicle it comes with 2 years of FREE tyre roadside assistance provided by the RAC, and a 2 year tyre damage warranty.

We are happy to provide you with advice about your spare wheel, or alternative options, with no obligation! Pop in and see us today!

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