DPF Cleaning: What it is, Why you need it and Why your car will Thank You for it

DPF cleaning is an innovative new method of cleaning soot from your “diesel particulate filter” (or DPF) and removing blockages. The stop-start driving technology of many new vehicles creates a higher build-up of soot and carbon in the filter, and DPF flash cleaning is the fastest and easiest method of cleaning the filter, ensuring the removal of any potential blockages. Left unchecked these blockages will eventually lead to an engine fault and the vehicle will go into ‘limp mode’. Our specialised DPF cleaning equipment, designed to effectively clean the DPF whilst on-board the vehicle (no need to remove the DPF from its position) will surge liquid through your filter, cutting away all diesel particulates, soot, carbon, wax, ash and tar.

So aside from how simple the process is, what other benefits does it bring?

It’s quick and easy:

The ease of this process combined with the fact that no expensive chemicals are involved allows DPF cleaning to be priced more affordably than heat treatment or chemical cleaning.

No damaging substances:

DPF cleaning uses no potentially damaging substances and no heat treatment (which can cause metals to melt and distort). DPF cleaning avoids all of this by using a water-based cleaning solution that relies on pure water pressure to clear the blockage rather than chemicals or heat.

Creates a thorough clean:

Don’t let the safety and simplicity of DPF cleaning fool you. The pressure that the cleaner creates is more than enough to remove all traces of soot and residue from your DPF, cutting through the diesel residue like a knife and thoroughly removing all traces of particulate matter and blockages; all with no risk of damage to the filter, unlike heat treatment or chemical additive cleaning.

Good for the environment:

Improves fuel economy & Reduces harmful emissions
By removing debris and blockages from the filter, a typical DPF clean improves fuel economy by 10%, saving the average customer approximately £200 every year in improved fuel economy. The cleaner the filter, the less harmful emissions the vehicle produces as well. So less fuel used and less pollution put out, win-win!

As you can see there are many benefits to having DPF, or diesel particulate filter cleaning carried out on your vehicle, whether it is a domestic car, commercial vehicle or industrial plant equipment, having a DPF clean carried out at every service appointment will increase performance and response, increase the life of your vehicle, is quick, easy, inexpensive and better for the environment!

We carry out this service option at our Pontarddulais depot, get in touch with us on 01792 446620 to book your next DPF clean, you won’t regret it!

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