free winter vehicle check

Free Winter Vehicle Safety Check

We’re offering a FREE vehicle safety check to help our customers avoid breakdowns and ensure that each car is as safe and reliable as it can be this winter. Carried out by one of our many skilled technicians, it’s all part of our service to ensure your car remains running smoothly!

Winter season is here, and we understand it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to keep your car healthy. However, we can assure you that solving any issues in advance will be much less time consuming than when they get out of hand! Avoid undue hassle and let our technicians check your car, we’ll make sure that you’re ready for any unruly days ahead. After all, we’re here to help.

What is included in your vehicle safety check:

1. Tyres – Tyres keep you safe on the road and allowing their tread pattern to wear low can compromise that safety. Worn tyres or an incorrect tyre pressure will reduce grip, affecting stopping distance and possibly resulting in a blow-out. We check the overall condition of your tyres to prevent this occurring.

2. Battery – Drained charging power can lead to battery failure at any time of the year. Batteries naturally lose their charging capability over time, however strain on the battery can be increased by the use of additional components such as lights and phone charges. We test that your car will have the power necessary to turn over the starter motor and start when you need it to With dark winter mornings and nights just around the corner no one wants to be stranded in the dark!

3. Coolant/Antifreeze – Coolant and antifreeze ensure liquids do not freeze and then crack the engine’s radiator and other components, as well as ensuring the radiator doesn’t overheat in summer. They also protect your engine from other problems such as corrosion, aid heat transfer and prevent scale from building up. We will check the strength and levels as incorrect quantities can causing serious damage to your engine.

4. Wiper Blades/Windscreen System – We all know that during the winter months the weather is unpredictable to say the least! We check for splits or damage in the windscreen wipers, as well as inspecting the general operation of the windscreen system and the level of screen wash. This ensures that your system is functioning to the best of its ability, ready to use just at a moment’s notice.

5. Light Bulbs – Vehicle lights allow you to be able to see, as well as helping other road users to see you. They are critical for your own safety and the safety of others. Not only that, it is illegal the drive with a faulty or damaged bulb! We’ll check all of them are working correctly in order to improve your safety, as well as to prevent you getting pulled over by police!

Once your FREE winter vehicle safety check is complete, our trained technicians will discuss the report with you. They will also provide any help or guidance you might request if any of the safety requirements needed are not met.

Book your FREE vehicle safety check at either our Llanelli or Pontarddulais centre and let us help you get properly prepared for the road ahead.

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