How can I pay for my car repairs?

There is a lot of worry right now about making sure that you can pay the bills and make ends meet. The worry of new local lockdowns and the possible loss of your job, or lower month income is undoubtably causing great stress and worry in your life. At this time, it is understandable that you focus on making payments for your regular monthly bills: your mortgage or rent payment, energy bills, insurance, and water. However, the one thing that can get easily forgotten about is the car maintenance and the costs associated with that.

We have all been there. You are driving along and suddenly a light comes on your dashboard saying there is a fault. Or you get a flat tyre out of nowhere. Perhaps even being blindsided with a reminder that your MOT is due. Your car is a necessity. You might use it to get your place of work or as part of your job. To get your children to school or to get groceries in for the week ahead. For many, it is an essential item that needs to be running in order to keep your life running. Many people do not want to use public transport right now, so having a reliable mode of transportation is vital. But do we budget for those unforeseen costs or the forgotten services and MOT’s? The chances are you don’t. This is when Payment Assist can really make a difference.

What is Payment Assist?

We have talked about unforeseen costs and repairs, and essentially while you can’t plan for them, they can create a big bill that finds you searching for money. For example, your car goes in for a standard MOT, costing a set amount of money. But, in order to pass the MOT some tyres need replacing, and a repair needs to be done. This sees your bill increase, possibly to more than you can afford to pay, but you need the car on the road! This is when Payment Assist can help. You pay just 25% of the bill on the day, and then pay the balance in 3 equal payments over the next 3 months. The best thing about it is there is no interest cost to do this, and no fees, unlike using a credit card or your bank overdraft.

Payment Assist can be used to pay for MOT’s, repairs, and even towards the purchase of two or more Vitora brand tyres. Payment Assist gives you the peace of mind to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, no matter what financial situation you find yourself in.

Trostre Tyres is proud to offer this Fee-Free payment option to our customers. Ensuring your car is roadworthy is what we aim to do, and we want to help in everyway we can during this difficult time. Check out our website, or phone either our Llanelli Branch: 01554 227373 or Pontarddulais: 01792 446620 for more information or to book an appointment.

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