MOT Information

What is an MOT Test?

The purpose of an MOT test is to assess a vehicles safety, emissions and road worthiness. It is an annual test required by law in the UK for any car that is more than three years old. Theses checks are in place to ensure that your vehicle is safe for the driver, passengers and other road users.

Only garages with technicians that have been officially certified by the DVSA (formerly VOSA) can carry out MOT tests. They must also be a certified testing station and have this information displayed. Vehicles that do not have a valid MOT certificate are not legally allowed to drive on UK roads and drivers may find their insurance becomes invalid if they do so.

Most cars, 4x4s and vans undergo a Class 4 MOT, other vehicles such as motorbikes, goods vehicles (between 3,000-3,500kg) and vehicles with more than 12 seats undergo a slightly different test and are done so under a different classification.

At Trostre Tyres, Llanelli we offer Class 4 Mot Tests only but are more than happy to help you arrange a test on another vehicle class if required.

What is a Class 4 MOT?

The following list of vehicles are tested under class 4:

  • Cars with up to 8 passengers
  • Dual Purpose Vehicles (vehicles designed to carry both passengers and goods, weighing no more than 2,040kg)
  • Motorised caravans/ camper vans
  • Private passenger vehicles with 9-12 passenger seats
  • Taxis and ambulances
  • Three-wheeled vehicles over 450kg (curb weight)
  • Quad bikes up to 400kg (curb weight) or for goods vehicles 500kg (curb weight) and a maximum net power of 15 kw.

What does an MOT check?

A full list of items checked on an MOT can be found on the DVSA website here.

Most common MOT failures

The majority of MOT failures are caused by issues that are easy to identify and in many cases can be rectified at home. With lighting and signalling issues consistently being the most frequent area of MOT failure, costly failures can be avoided in many cases. According to the DVSA, in 2014 / 2015 these were the five most common areas of MOT failure:

  • Lighting and signalling: 18.4% of all tests (5 million)
  • Suspension: 12% of failures (3.3 million)
  • Brakes: 9.6% of failures (2.6 million)
  • Tyres: 7.4% (2 million)
  • Obstructions to driver’s view of the road: 6.6% (1.8 million)

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