The End of the MOT Extension

On the 23rd of March the UK government introduced an extension period for MOTs, to protect drivers from Covid-19. If your vehicle was due a MOT between 30th of March 2020 and 31st of July 2020 you were automatically granted a 6-month extension on the due date of your MOT.

What happens if my mot is due after 31st July?

MOT centres are legally and safely open for business. MOT centres like Trostre Tyres are taking precautions to keep staff and customers safe: such as strict enforcement of social distancing and provision of PPE for members of staff. As a result, the government has deemed MOTs safe; therefore, the extension will not be available after the 31st of July 2020.Read more

DPF Cleaning: What it is, Why you need it and Why your car will Thank You for it

DPF cleaning is an innovative new method of cleaning soot from your “diesel particulate filter” (or DPF) and removing blockages. The stop-start driving technology of many new vehicles creates a higher build-up of soot and carbon in the filter, and DPF flash cleaning is the fastest and easiest method of cleaning the filter, ensuring the removal of any potential blockages. Left unchecked these blockages will eventually lead to an engine fault and the vehicle will go into ‘limp mode’. Our specialised DPF cleaning equipment, designed to effectively clean the DPF whilst on-board the vehicle (no need to remove the DPF from its position) will surge liquid through your filter, cutting away all diesel particulates, soot, carbon, wax, ash and tar.

So aside from how simple the process is, what other benefits does it bring?Read more

Why is getting your MOT and car service done now more important than ever?

Our normal way of life seems to have gone right out of the window these past few months, and many of the standard procedures we are accustomed to doing have done the same!

General car maintenance is certainly one of these, for example when is the last time you drove your car, or had it washed? We’ve certainly saved a lot of money on petrol, but letting your car sit stationary for this long could cost you money in the long run. Hopefully you’ve remembered to start it occasionally (if not a call to roadside assistance or a pair of jump leads might be needed!) Maybe you’ve had to go to work (Thank You!) and have been driving your car, but have delayed getting it serviced as normal, this can be an expensive omission as well.Read more

waste tyre recycling llanelli

Waste Tyre Recycling: The Facts

Whether you are on the morning commute, heading to the supermarket, or taking the kids on the school run, tyres are an important element of your everyday driving. You would, however, be forgiven for not giving a second thought to your old tyres after you’ve had them replaced. But, did you know that old tyres cannot be disposed of in landfill? So with an estimated 50 million tyres (approx. 480,000 tonnes) coming to the end of their lives each year, it is essential that we recycle these waste tyres in as an environmentally friendly a way, as possible. And at Trostre Tyres we have invested in our very own tyre recycling equipment to ensure that the waste tyre goes directly from your rims to the recycling plant – you can be assured that any tyres removed by us makes their way to a new life in an eco-friendly fashion and is not shipped elsewhere to cause pollution in another area of the planet.Read more

Don’t be left flat, with our tyre repair solutions…

If you’ve recently bought a new car then you may be aware that a spare wheel is no longer standard issue. Since 2012 regulation changes mean a spare wheel is not required and many vehicles are now equipped only with a roadside repair kit that’s designed to get you back on the road just long enough to get you to somewhere that you can buy a replacement tyre.Read more

Discount Truck, Plant and Agricultural Tyres – not always what they seem!

When searching for plant, agricultural or truck tyres there’s more to consider than just the cost…

It’s no secret that, when a tyre is cheaper, it’s because the manufacturer has found the simplest way to provide it for less than what you are used to paying, either by slightly changing the structure, or by replacing a high-end material with a low-end one. One thing’s for sure – a manufacturer will never sell a product if they will not make any money from it. Some highly profitable Chinese factories shine at creating imitations of existing products that look an equivalent but are 60 to 80% of the worth of the original. Remember that their goal is to manufacture a tyre that appears good, there’s no real need for them to take high regard of its effectiveness or safety.

Low-cost or budget agricultural tyre, are often not as robust as your usual brands. The sidewalls won’t be designed to undergo excessive force. A rock, a root or a branch could go across and suddenly puncture the tyre and immobilise your vehicle, with all the associated costs that may entail.Read more

Is there a difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

YES – there is! When it comes to tyre maintenance, there is a common misconception that wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two terms for the same service, they aren’t. They may sound very similar, but there is a huge difference in their function and the effect they have on the performance of your tyres. Wheel balancing deals with the distribution of weight around the wheel, and wheel alignment dictates the position of the wheels in relation to the road and each other.

Tyres that are not maintained properly can severely affect your car’s performance and handling, well-maintained tyres, however, will save you money on repairs, tyre replacements and fuel.

Let’s take a look at both services, and how Trostre Tyres can ensure you have a safer driving experience, smoother ride, longer-lasting tyres and better fuel-efficiency…Read more

We are now an approved Tec4 Carbon Clean Service Centre

As a car owner, it is important to look after your wheels and get the best possible use from your motor. That means taking steps to make the vehicle more fuel-efficient, reliable, and look to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as well. One of the best ways of being able to achieve this is to make use of our new Tec4 Carbon Clean service!

Car servicing is what we are all about, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer these excellent cleaning services for the modern driver. As an approved Tec4 Carbon Clean Service Centre, we have added a new dimension to our car servicing, and we’re proud to be able to showcase this.Read more

I can’t afford new tyres, should I consider part-worn?

When the time comes to replace your tyres, let’s be honest most of us think of price as the first consideration. And when money is tight then we might even think of choosing the option of worn tyres. We’re here to stop you doing just that for 3 main reasons.

First, worn tyres are dangerous. In 2015 TyreSafe completed a survey which found that 34% of part worn tyres in the survey sample had ‘potentially dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance’, (in other words, the part worn tyres were in some way defective). That information combined with the fact that 40% of road traffic accidents resulting in death or serious injury are due to defective tyres, should tell you how crucial good quality tyres are. So yes, by going with part worn tyres you may be saving yourself some cash, but is it really worth the risk to the safety of you and others?Read more

free winter vehicle check

Free Winter Vehicle Safety Check

We’re offering a FREE vehicle safety check to help our customers avoid breakdowns and ensure that each car is as safe and reliable as it can be this winter. Carried out by one of our many skilled technicians, it’s all part of our service to ensure your car remains running smoothly!Read more