Should you Purchase Premium Fuel?

We’ve all seen those pricier fuel pumps next to the regular unleaded and diesel nozzles named something along the lines of Premium, Momentum or Super, but what is premium fuel and should you be buying it?

What is premium fuel?

Premium fuel comes in two forms: diesel and petrol. The main difference between premium and regular fuel is the octane levels, with premium fuel containing a significantly higher level. Octane is a chemical component of petrol, and the amount found in a fuel determines how well it works in higher compression engines, such as performance cars.

How to know if your car needs it:

Performance car engines would benefit from premium fuel as they come with a high compression ratio, and therefore need a higher octane-rated fuel to work efficiently.
A way to find out if your vehicle needs a high octane fuel is to check the owner’s manual or the fuel filler cap which states the correct fuel to use.

Is premium fuel better for your vehicle?

If you drive a mainstream car, then paying extra for premium fuels is unnecessary as your vehicle is set up to work properly using standard fuel.

However, if you drive a diesel car, it might be worth running a tankful of premium diesel through the engine roughly every 1,000 miles, as this clears out any deposits from the fuel system. In the long run, this is more beneficial for your vehicle as the fuel system will be clearer and will run more efficiently on regular diesel.

What are the benefits of premium fuel?

The super fuel claims to keep your engine working efficiently and promotes better fuel economy. While many mainstream cars work perfectly well on regular fuel, there are advantages of a high-octane fuel; for example, the engine revs more freely and delivers more power. Not only will the performance of the engine improve, but high octane fuel contains fewer pollutants, arguably making it more environmentally friendly.

So, should you buy premium fuel?

For the majority of cars, using premium fuel sees an improvement in performance and fuel efficiency and arguably reducing CO2 emissions when the vehicle is working hard, for example, towing a trailer. However, under normal driving conditions with a mainstream vehicle, there is little to no noticeable benefit.

Unless you drive a performance car, then you will be better off buying standard fuel and putting extra money towards regular vehicle maintenance. Keeping every aspect of your vehicle in good condition will not only improve your fuel efficiency but should also ensure your car lasts as long as possible and can prevent costly repairs in the future. Trostre Tyres can take care of all your car maintenance needs, from routine MOTs, brakes and tyres to basic and full services. If you need vehicle repairs, we do those too! Visit us online, phone us on 01554 227373, 01792 446620 or pop into our garage in Llanelli or Pontarddulais.

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