The Importance of Winter Checks

Winter driving can take a toll on your car, so it is essential to make sure it’s working at its best before the darker nights and the colder months approach. If a vehicle service is not yet due or is skipped, important winter check items can be missed, putting you in danger and leaving you at risk of breaking down.

Annual winter checks can often save you money in the long run as you can avoid costly breakdowns and accidents, leaving you confident that your vehicle is safe and reliable for the season.

The vehicle checks concentrate on five main areas: tyres and windscreen wiper inspection, battery testing, coolant and antifreeze check and a light assessment.

Tyre Inspection

The colder months bring in a lot more wet weather, which can significantly affect the performance of your tyres. Water on the road surface reduces the grip of a tyre, especially if they are at an incorrect pressure or are worn. This reduced grip can affect the stopping distance of your vehicle and could result in an accident. During a Winter Check, we assess the overall condition of your tyres.

Battery Test

Cold and wet weather can put your car battery under a lot of stress as more power is needed to start it and keep it running alongside other electrical parts such as the demister and the heater. Car battery life is generally 5-6 years, but regardless of its age, a Winter Check will assess the health of your car battery ensuring it has enough power to get you started on those dark winter mornings and nights.

Coolant and Antifreeze Checks

Coolant and antifreeze protect the engine’s radiator and other components from freezing, as well as ensuring the radiator doesn’t overheat in summer. They also protect your engine from other problems such as corrosion, aid in heat transfer and prevent scale from building up. We will check the strength and levels as incorrect quantities can causing severe damage to your engine.

Light Assessment

This check ensures all external lights in the vehicle are working, and at the correct standard. In the winter the nights get darker earlier and the mornings stay darker for longer so it is crucial that not only you can see the road whilst driving, but that others can see you as well.

Windscreen / Wiper Check

During a Winter Check, we test your windscreen wipers for their ability to clear the windows effectively and check your wiper fluid level. Extra rain and salt spray put your wipers to the test during the winter months, so keeping your field of vision clear is vital. Ensuring your windscreen stays clear from the inside is just as important, so your Winter Check will also include a check of your car’s air conditioning system. A car’s A/C system is used in the winter months not to cool the car, but to remove excess moisture from the interior, ensuring your windscreen stays fog and mist free on the inside. If your Air Conditioning needs a recharge, we will let you know.

A free Winter Check at Trostre Tyres is vital to prepare your car for the coming winter months. Our trained technicians will offer you guidance if your vehicle fails to meet any of the safety requirements, and we can then arrange to fix any issues. We have a tremendous reputation across Swansea and the South Wales area, with a vast knowledge of all makes and models of car, allowing us to deliver exceptional results every time.

Rain, dark nights and colder weather are a deadly mix for your vehicle, but a winter check with the professionals at Trostre Tyres will ensure your car is working at its optimum. Don’t leave it to chance: book your Free Vehicle Winter Check with us today. Find us at 12 St Teilo St, Pontarddulais, Swansea SA4 8TH, visit us online, or contact us on  01792 446620.

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