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Waste Tyre Recycling: The Facts

Whether you are on the morning commute, heading to the supermarket, or taking the kids on the school run, tyres are an important element of your everyday driving. You would, however, be forgiven for not giving a second thought to your old tyres after you’ve had them replaced. But, did you know that old tyres cannot be disposed of in landfill? So with an estimated 50 million tyres (approx. 480,000 tonnes) coming to the end of their lives each year, it is essential that we recycle these waste tyres in as an environmentally friendly a way, as possible. And at Trostre Tyres we have invested in our very own tyre recycling equipment to ensure that the waste tyre goes directly from your rims to the recycling plant – you can be assured that any tyres removed by us makes their way to a new life in an eco-friendly fashion and is not shipped elsewhere to cause pollution in another area of the planet.

So, what exactly happens to those end-of-life tyres and what are the relevant rules and regulations covering tyre disposal? Let us explain…

As a registered and licenced Waste Carrier, we operate under the regulations set by Natural Resources Wales and we are therefore fully authorised to legally collect, store and process any waste tyres. Under Government legislation, both manufacturers and end-users are responsible for disposing of waste tyres responsibly. Vehicle manufacturers and tyre dealers must ensure that any waste products are recovered and handled by a registered waste carrier (such as ourselves here at Trostre Tyres) – even after leaving the business’s premises.

There are multiple areas in the recycling process that benefit the environment. First, recycling waste tyres ensures they do not make their way to landfill where they cause chemical pollution, harbour vermin and become a huge fire risk. Secondly, recycling tyres limits the amount of new material needed to manufacture replacements, protecting valuable natural resources. In fact, our in-house process allows waste tyres, once removed from the wheel to be baled onsite and then exported to recovery facilities where reverse engineering recovers a variety of raw materials. We have the capability to process 40 tonnes per week within our own facility and issue Waste Transfer Notes for every collection. Finally, recycling tyres saves a significant amount of energy that would otherwise be used to manufacture new ones. Ultimately, this leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

The materials from scrapped from waste tyres are invaluable across a number of industries. Rubber collected from recycled tyres can be used in construction materials and civil engineering, it is an important component in new roads, foundations and can also be an effective soundproofing aid.

Once the valuable materials are removed, the remains can be shredded and ground into a new material called crumb rubber, used in a surprising variety of products! Such as playground flooring, carpet underlay, speed bumps, running tracks and even mudguards, as well as much, much more.

So once your tyres are past their best you know where to come for replacements that come with the peace of mind that you have done your bit for the planet.

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