What happens if I miss my MOT?

When lockdown was introduced in March, the government announced that vehicle owners would be granted temporary exemptions on MOTs falling due between 30 March to 30 August. This was later changed to include only MOTs falling due up until 31 July. Confused? You are not alone, the MOT extension, changes of due dates, and extension dates have resulted in many people having no idea when their MOT is due for renewal, or indeed if it may have already expired!

If you are stopped by the police without a valid MOT, you risk a large fine of up £1,000 for a car and up to £2,500 for a van. You may also be given 3 points on your driving license, which will drive up car insurance and could lead to a driving ban if you already have points on your driving license. You can also be banned if the car you are driving is considered ‘dangerous’.

All reasons why it is incredibly important not to be caught out by the changed due dates of your MOT.

When is or was your MOT due?

First find out exactly when your MOT is or was due . Find out when you’re required to have a new MOT and if this date has passed, stop driving your vehicle and get it booked in for an MOT ASAP. Our online MOT widget allows you to check the date of your MOT expiration, and book your car in with no hassle. Remember, It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to have any vehicle over the age of 3 years MOT tested on time.

My MOT has expired, what should I do?

If you find out your MOT has already expired, you should not take any more trips in your vehicle. You are only legally allowed to drive your vehicle to prebooked MOT appointment once the MOT has expired.

You should book your vehicle in for an MOT test as soon as possible. At Trostre Tyres we have a brand new, dedicated MOT testing bay offering Class 4 MOTs at great prices. We offer MOT testing Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm by appointment, for £40 per MOT, which includes a free re-test.

My MOT isn’t due yet

If your MOT hasn’t expired yet, you can continue using your vehicle and will need to remember to book it in for an MOT before your certificate expires. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone or home calendar about approximately 2 weeks before your expiry date to remind you to book an appointment.

If your MOT expiry date was extended under the COVID19 lockdown rules we highly recommend getting your MOT done closer to your original expiry date rather than the extended date. The reason for this is simple, if there is a fault with your vehicle, the longer it is left unrepaired, the worse it can get, and the more expensive the ultimate repair will be.

Schedule your MOT test in Llanelli or the surrounding areas today. Give our friendly team a call on on 01554 227373 or use our website to book online with no upfront payment required.


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