Why is getting your MOT and car service done now more important than ever?

Our normal way of life seems to have gone right out of the window these past few months, and many of the standard procedures we are accustomed to doing have done the same!

General car maintenance is certainly one of these, for example when is the last time you drove your car, or had it washed? We’ve certainly saved a lot of money on petrol, but letting your car sit stationary for this long could cost you money in the long run. Hopefully you’ve remembered to start it occasionally (if not a call to roadside assistance or a pair of jump leads might be needed!) Maybe you’ve had to go to work (Thank You!) and have been driving your car, but have delayed getting it serviced as normal, this can be an expensive omission as well.

Following the lockdown measures put in place on the 23rd March the DVSA issued a 6 month extension for all vehicles due their MOT from the 30th March onward. (If your MOT expired before the 30th, there are some exceptions, please get in touch with us for more details).

As a result, there are now many cars that have not had a MOT for a longer than usual period of time. If you are one of these car owners you should be aware this can have some negative consequences. An MOT will often find defects in your car that will cost less to repair early, whereas delays in the repair can end up being much more costly. Also, many people book a car service at the same time as their MOT, and so by delaying your MOT you will also be missing out on your routine service. First, this means important oil changes and engine checks are being neglected, which could cause mechanical problems with your car. Second, your car’s service history will be interrupted by this break which could negatively affect your car’s resale value. Third, you could find that you are void of your insurance policy (and DVSA rules on the MOT extension) if your car is found to be unsafe or not roadworthy.

So, despite the fact that you are legally allowed to utilise the MOT extension granted to you by the government, Trostre Tyres highly recommend that it is in your and your car’s best interest not to do so. Whether your car is due its normal, or extended MOT, or if it has been sitting unused and you want to make sure it is safe then we are here to serve you.

Our Llanelli and Pontarddulais depots are fully open, including car services, MOTs and vehicle tyre repair/replacements. We have very strict guidelines within our branches to ensure that our customers and our staff are protected.

To book your MOT or car service, contact us at either branch: Llanelli: 01554 227373 or Pontarddulais: 01792 446620. We also love to keep in touch with our customers even when they don’t need a car service so please Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/trostretyres too!

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